Waterbirth is one of the unique choices we offer that area hospitals don’t. Each private suite is equipped with a large whirlpool tub that has room for the laboring mom and partner if desired.

​Waterbirth Advantages

Waterbirth has many advantages for labor support and birth.

Some of them are:

  • Provides significant pain relief

  • Allows you to feel more in control and have greater mobility

  • Enables you to assume positions which are comfortable for labor/birth

  • Promotes deeper relaxation allowing labor to be more efficient

  • Gives you a private, protected space

  • Minimizes pain reducing the need for drugs or other interventions

  • Conserves your energy

  • Helps relieve anxiety allowing you to relax and go inward as labor strengthens

  • Reduces perineal trauma, eliminating episiotomy

  • Reduces cesarean section rates

  • Encourages an easier and gentler welcome for baby

Waterbirth Results

Women have a high satisfaction rate for the use of water for labor support and/or birth. After they have experienced the benefits they state that they would consider giving birth in water again, In fact, many women select Goshen Birth Center because they want to experience waterbirth. It is one of our most popular features.

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A moment of true joy.

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