Our Moms Speak

- David Griffin, 34

"We LOVED giving birth at the birth center. The staff and environment made us feel so safe and relaxed. Everything from the candles around the tub to the care provided by our birth team, we felt like we were in the best of hands." Lindsay F

"Anne far exceeded my expectations again. She remembered how my labor and delivery went with my first born and that made the process go ever smoother. She truly makes birth an empowering experience for mothers and I am grateful for that. Both Charlene and Erin were fantastic. No question is a stupid question to them and that made me feel very comfortable. Baby came so fast after arriving at the birth center that most of my experience was in the after care and rest. I appreciated the welcoming environment for our toddler and the quiet peace after baby was born. Any checkups seemed very natural and not disruptive, that is one of the things I love most about the birth center." Jenna S

"GBC provided an environment for my family to be truly present and beneficial in my labor and delivery.  My almost 3 year old daughter swam in the water with me as I labored.  My husband held my hand and comforted me.  My mom got cold water and a rag when I was too hot.  And Betsy and Charlene were right there quietly comforting, helping direct everyone, keeping the calm and convincing me I could do what I was beginning to doubt.   Every single thing I could think of was in place and ready to help me have the most amazing birth....and I did.  I'm forever grateful!" Tayler K

"The midwives where always honest, compassionate and made me feel comfortable and like I was heard no matter what I asked. The nurse was wonderful too and was very helpful and went above and beyond to take care of me and the baby." MC

“Amazing. Not once did I feel like I couldn't make it through my labor and delivery. I was encouraged at all the right times and I felt like I was in the best hands. I was so happy to be able to have a natural birth experience. Even though my labor was fast and hard I completely forgot about my deposit for the nitrous oxide and the midwives never brought it up. To me, this showed that they believed in my ability and truly promoted a drug free birth.” Jenna S

“The nurse did a great job giving us as much information as she could before we left and we felt prepared to go home. It was also comforting knowing a nurse would be at our home to next morning if we had more questions.” Jenna S

“I loved the home environment, minimal intervention and the tub. It was wonderful to be able to experience an uncomplicated delivery in a home-like environment. Also, skin-to-skin with my newborn immediately following delivery was very special.”  Brittany B

The midwives and birthing assistant were extremely helpful. I couldn't have gone as far as I did without their physical and mental support.” Samantha S

“I had several midwives and each one was so helpful and encouraging! They were each professional. Supportive, and caring. They let me make decisions, which was so empowering and I could tell that they genuinely cared about me, my husband and the baby.” Hannah J

“I loved how quiet and calm the whole experience was compared to a hospital. Betsy was amazing-she was there to help, but also let me labor how I needed. My labor went much faster this time, and I think it is because I felt so comfortable.”- Kate S

"I’ve never felt more empowered in my life. Birthing my baby naturally surrounded by a tribe of women who believed in my body’s abilities was priceless.” – Hannah D

“I felt genuinely listened to and cared for from the very first email all of the way through post partum. I healed so much faster than my other two births and I firmly believe it is because I had such a relaxing, gentle and restful postpartum recovery in my own home.” Leslie M

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