Our Moms Speak

About Our Nurse-Midwives

Julia Gautsche CNM and Charlene Hunt RN provided excellent care! Julia was very calm and reassuring in the midst of a very fast labor. She was efficient in inserting my IV and starting ampicillin. She coached me well while pushing. I appreciate that Julia sat on the bed to do my repair, instead of using the board. Charlene was very responsive to all our needs and checked on us frequently, even though there were other women in labor at the same time. She made sure I had bread/juice, fresh ice packs, heating pad, etc. MDK

I cannot tell you how wonderful each midwife and nurse have been through each pregnancy and miscarriage I have had. These women are capable, intelligent birth instructors and assistants. I am almost tearing up thinking about how perfectly they're walked us through and prepared us for death and birth of our children. MCC

Betsy did and excellent job delivering our baby. We feel like she is an awesome midwife.

Kristana H.

Julia was very relaxed and professional the whole time.

Rhiannon H.


"They were both fantastic!!! They were prepared and confident in what they were doing and did a kick butt awesome job at taking care of me and the baby with all the difficult situations that arose. They didn't freak out and gave me lots of different pushing positions when his shoulders got stuck and were very skilled when they had to resuscitate him. Betsy and Erin were truly a God send and I'm so thankful for them." AB

It was peaceful and very calming after the birth.

Mary P.


Clean, calm atmosphere with pampering, bath and bread; yummy.


About Our Home Visits

About Our Birth Center

The nurses were on time and very friendly. SO nice that they come to you instead of us having to go to them.

Erica B.


You feel like you're at home. It's the closest thing to a home birth that I would do. We feel blessed to be able to use the Birth Center... Truly wonderful!

Erica B.


Even better than a home birth! A peaceful, amazing atmosphere. I trusted my midwife completely. The bread was delicious. Love that my other children and family were welcomed.

Lisa M.

I loved the relaxing and peaceful environment. The herbal bath was awesome too!

Kristina H.


The nurses were great.

Erin F.

It was very helpful to have the baby checked and myself checked at the home visit and to get advice and questions answered.

Rachelle O.

The nurse was very supportive and encouraging.

Julia G.

- David Griffin, 34