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Making The Decision

Deciding on the kind of pregnancy and delivery care you want can be exciting and overwhelming.
Goshen Birth Center staff care about childbearing women in our community and are here as a
resource to help you decide on the best decision for you and your family. We offer opportunities to
learn more about our services through our Open House evenings every 5 weeks, by offering private
tours and by taking your phone calls to answer any questions you might have. Please contact our
Administrative Director Ari Woodworth at 574-971-4840 ext.1 during business hours or complete
the contact information form found on our contact us page. Ari can help direct you to community
resources you might be looking for and discuss the details of the kind of care offered at Goshen Birth
Center, including signing you up for an upcoming Open House or scheduling a private tour with you.
Download a PDF of the current Class Schedule here:


Getting Started

Once you decide to use Goshen Birth Center for your delivery, call us to register. We will direct you
to one of our credentialed certified-nurse midwives to set up your first prenatal appointments. For
more information about the midwives who deliver at GBC, please see here.  Plan to schedule your first appointment when you are between eight and twelve weeks pregnant or earlier if you experience difficulties or have questions. Contact our administrative director Ari Woodworth by calling 574-971-4840 ext. 1 to register for GBC and learn more details about the requirements for our facility prior to birth.


Beginning Care

When you begin your prenatal care, your certified nurse-midwife will do a thorough assessment of
your health status, your plans for your baby’s birth, and answer your questions. Based on this
information, she will determine whether or not you are low risk and can birth your baby safely at our
facility. All women must meet Goshen Birth Center criteria for low risk pregnancy. Those desiring to
transfer care from another health care provider should contact the birth center immediately to
determine eligibility and availability. For our list of criteria for low risk pregnancy, please click the
link below.

Preparation for Birth

To optimize your birth experience in our birth center, it is extremely important to be an active
participant in your care. You are encouraged to learn all you can about the birth process and how to
care for yourself and baby. We will provide a list of books and other resources and you may borrow
books and videos from our birth center lending library. Another part of your preparation is attending
the required orientation and prenatal classes. The class series is designed so you will complete
classes prior to 37 weeks when you become eligible to birth at the birth center. Your nurse-midwife
will discuss the class schedule with you and assure your registration for the appropriate classes.


For your convenience, download our PDF: Items to Bring for Your Labor & Birth. It includes items
for mom, dad, new baby and other children (if present at the Birth Center), and more!

Care After Discharge

Mother and baby are able to go home four to six hours after the birth. Two postpartum home visits
are done in the first week after birth by a registered nurse. Both mother and baby are assessed to
assure that normal adjustments, including breastfeeding, are occurring and to provide appropriate
teaching and support. The first check is done within the first 24 hours and the second check on day
two. The baby's records are sent to the baby's health care provider for continuity of care. Our
nurse-midwives are on call 24/7 to respond to your questions or concerns. Then, at six weeks after
the baby's birth, a postpartum check will be done by your nurse-midwife at her office.


Care After Discharge for Those That Live Farther than 30 Miles from the Birth Center

If you live between 30-50 miles of the birth center, both home visits will be done in your home for a
nominal fee (fee is based on $1 for every mile the nurse drives to complete your visit). If you live
more than 50 miles from Goshen Birth Center we are not able to provide home visits in your home.
You must stay in the Goshen area for the first 24 hours. This allows us to provide the best care and
assure that mother and baby are doing well before you travel back home. For the second visit, you
can stay locally and the visit will be done where you are staying or you can choose to return to the
birth center for the second visit. There are many fine hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area to
choose from.

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"The midwives were amazing. I can not think of anything that could've made the birth of our first child more special. We were very satisfied with our experience. My husband and I were able to hold our child and take our time the whole day being a family and at hospitals I know families don't always get that. Our day was perfect."

-- Carrie and Joe- First Baby
   Goshen, IN