Financial and Insurance Info

Families that choose the Goshen Birth Center are seeking a special kind of birth. We aim to make our services affordable and accessible. Please refer to the following information as you plan your expenses.

Getting Started

One of the challenges in the early days of pregnancy is getting an understanding of your health insurance coverage and figuring out cost for having your baby. It can be overwhelming! There are so many terms and information to collect. Our goal here is to give you the information in basic form and get your started in your planning.  First the basics - maternity care is billed differently than other health care. 



Terms & Definitions

Deductible: This is the amount of money you are responsible to pay towards your medical costs before insurance starts to pay. Plans may have an individual deductible (a dollar amount each member will meet on their own) or a family deductible (a dollar amount that all family members’ costs contribute to). A deductible resets once a year.


How to determine your benefits

Contact your insurance company; check your insurance card for a number or website to contact a customer service representative.  Once you reach a representative collect the following information-

We have prepared a worksheet to help you get the correct information. (attach pdf form with the following prompts) Once you are registered as a client of the birth center we will call to verify all of this information as well.


Other Out of Pocket Expenses

There are a few services that are not covered by our facility fee and are due within 30 days of the birth:

Indiana Newborn Metabolic Screen $100: This is a mandatory test done at the second home visit. The fee goes directly to the Indiana Newborn Screening Laboratory.


Online Payments

For your convince we now have the option to pay online by credit card. Invoices and estimates both can be paid here. All clients are expected to make payments per their financial agreements set up with our GBC staff paid by 36 weeks pregnancy. You can make a one time lump sum payment or set up a monthly automatic withdrawal. If you would like to spread out the payments over the months of your pregnancy contact the financial office at the birth center to set up a payment schedule. If you have questions you can contact the financial department at the birth center for assistance 574-971-4840