Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Medicaid?
A. No, unfortunately we are not contracted with Medicaid (or any of its various plans).
However you still may be able to use the birth center. Please call our office to discuss the
details 574-971-4840 ext. 2 ask for Betsy Black Ari Woodworth .

Can I use my cost-sharing plan for the birth center?
A. Yes you can. The details vary depending on your plan and coverage. Contact Betsy
Black 574.971.4840 ext. 2 with your card in hand and she can answer to your specific

What if I transfer from the birth center to the hospital for my birth?
A. If you are admitted to the birth center in labor and transfer before the birth we reduce our
fee based upon the amount of time you are at the birth center. There is a maximum limit to
this fee which is roughly half of the full charge. If you change your birth location prior to
admission to the birth center, you will not be charged for our services and your estimate will
be returned to you promptly.

What happens if my insurance does not pay as expected?
A. Unfortunately there are times where the insurance company does not process our claims
as expected and reduces or denies the payment. Goshen Birth Center verifies benefits to
the best of our ability based upon information available. We are not responsible for
misquotes of benefits by your insurance company. If we receive more than expected, a
refund will be paid promptly to you. If the insurance company pays less than expected, you
may owe additional money. If insurance is billed and birth center coverage is denied, you
will be offered the discounted rate if paid 30 days after we hear from your insurance

Can I use my HSA or Medical Savings Account to pay for the birth center?
A. Yes, you are able to use these type of accounts to pay for your facility fee. During your
prenatal care the financial counselor will request proof that you have enough money in your
account to cover the estimated expenses. Once that proof is received we will not pre-collect
the estimate. Instead you will be responsible to pay the charges within 30 days of receiving
our invoice.

What is Nurse-Midwifery? 
A.Today’s midwife is a skilled health care professional who provides high-quality primary
health care to women. While midwives are probably best known for their care of women
during pregnancy and childbirth, they are also experts in women’s health throughout their
lifespan, from adolescence through menopause. Certified nurse-midwives complete four years of undergraduate nursing education and two years of graduate school in midwifery culminating in a national board for certification in nurse-midwifery. Many midwives work for several years as a labor/delivery nurse prior to attending graduate school. Certified nurse-midwives are licensed by the state of Indiana and are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years to maintain their license. They practice in collaboration with qualified physicians, typically obstetrician/gynecologists.

How Care is Provided?
A. Goshen Birth Center partners with midwives in the community who perform safe out of
hospital births. Each midwife and midwifery group provides prenatal care and will provide
one on one care during labor and delivery. During the pushing stages of labor, one of our
registered nurses will be called in and assist with care for you and baby through the time
you leave the facility. After discharge, one of our registered nurses will visit you in your
home (up to 50 miles away from GBC) for two home visits to check up on you, baby and the
family to make sure that everyone continues to be doing well and is thriving. We continue
care with you up until one week postpartum and are available on the phone to answer any
questions you might have. Our certified lactation consultants also provide a breastfeeding
visit upon request at an additional fee.

How is midwifery care different from care by an Obstetrician or family doctor?
A.Midwives are experts on the lifespan of women's reproductive systems. Midwives provide holistic and personalized care throughout childbearing that considers the health needs of mother and baby while respecting each woman’s unique circumstances, preferences and values. Research shows that continuous personal support lowers rates of C-Sections and other medical interventions during labor and delivery (CITATION). Obstetricians are experts on the lifespan of women’s reproductive systems and specialize in surgical care for a variety of health complications. Obstetricians are highly trained to provide excellent care to women with high risk pregnancies who may experience pregnancy, labor or delivery complicated by other preexisting conditions. Family physicians provide care to the whole person regardless of what conditions or health risks they have and have experience with both men and women throughout the human lifespan. Some family doctors provide delivery services and typically arrive to help the laboring mother push through the final stages of labor and do repairs after the labor as needed. Family doctors can provide continuous care to your family before a pregnancy all the way through end of life stages. They will likely also provide routine care to your child and family from birth and through adulthood.


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