Do you accept Medicaid?

​A. No, unfortunately we are not contracted with Medicaid (or any of its various plans). However you still may be able to use the birth center. Please call our office to discuss the details 574-971-4840 ask for Betsy Black.

Can I use my cost-sharing plan for the birth center?

A. Yes you can. The details vary depending on your plan and coverage. Contact Betsy Black 574.971.4840 with your card in hand and she can answer to your specific policy.

What if I transfer from the birth center to the hospital for my birth?

A. If you are admitted to the birth center in labor and transfer before the birth we reduce our fee based upon the amount of time you are at the birth center. There is a maximum limit to this fee which is roughly half of the full charge. If you change your birth location prior to admission to the birth center, you will not be charged for our services and your estimate will be returned to you promptly.

What happens if my insurance does not pay as expected?

​A. Unfortunately there are times where the insurance company does not process our claims as expected and reduces or denies the payment. Goshen Birth Center verifies benefits to the best of our ability based upon information available. We are not responsible for misquotes of benefits by your insurance company. If we receive more than expected, a refund will be paid promptly to you. If the insurance company pays less than expected, you may owe additional money. If insurance is billed and birth center coverage is denied, you will be offered the discounted rate if paid 30 days after we hear from your insurance company.

Can I use my HSA or Medical Savings Account to pay for the birth center?

A. Yes, you are able to use these type of accounts to pay for your facility fee. During your prenatal care the financial counselor will request proof that you have enough money in your account to cover the estimated expenses. Once that proof is received we will not pre-collect the estimate. Instead you will be responsible to pay the charges within 30 days of receiving our invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nitrous Oxide

How will I feel?

A. When inhaled, nitrous oxide aids with relaxation and offers a “take the edge off” kind of relief. It has a rapid onset and provides relief within 30-50 seconds.  Between 5-30% of women report other possible side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, and dizziness. If you experience an adverse side effect you return back to normal within a few minutes of breathing room air.

Is this the same thing as the laughing gas at the dentist’s office?


A. No, the 50/50 concentration of Nitrous Oxide gases is unique to labor and birth. It is less concentrated than the dosage used at a dentist’s office or in a surgical setting.


Where can I use it?

A. Our nitrous oxide unit is portable and is able to be with you anywhere you chose to labor.  You are able to use the tub, sit on the birth ball, and stand bedside (as long as you are steady on your feet). It is also important that you are able to let go of the mask if you start to feel nauseous or drowsy, no one else can hold the mask for you. There will be a staff member present with you at all times while nitrous oxide is in use.


Does it affect the baby?

A. No, the nitrous oxide is inhaled and exhaled through the lungs. Because it is not absorbed through the circulatory system, it does not cross the placental barrier and reach the baby. Studies show that there is no effect on a baby’s heart rate or APGAR scores following birth. Due to the short lived nature of the effects it can be used during pushing, which is unlike other pain relief methods.


What is the Cost?

A. We will not bill insurance for Nitrous Oxide use. It is a cash pay service arranged ahead of time and costs $200.


Frequently Asked Questions

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