Our Model of Care

An Empowering, Meaningful Birth Experience

At Goshen Birth Center you and your family create the natural childbirth experience that is right for
you. A certified nurse-midwife supports you every step of the way, and works with your choices for
labor and birth options that make your birth empowering and meaningful. The birth center has been
carefully designed to be private and home-like. This enhances the physiology of pregnancy and birth,
and is the ideal setting to welcome your newest family member.

Goshen Birth Center is focused on providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere for each of our families.
By offering aromatherapy, homeopathics, water tubs for labor and birth, and encouraging the use of
movement during labor aided by birth balls, pool noodles, our birth stool and rebozo scarves we
focus our care on the needs of mom and baby.

In a Comfortable, Home Like Setting

Goshen Birth Center is the ideal compromise between the additional safety of a hospital and the cozy
and soothing environment at home. We offer three spacious birth suites each decorated in a different
style that all come equipped with a queen-sized bed, private bath, whirlpool tub and plenty of
windows for natural lighting. Each suite allows for water birth and laboring in water if you desire.
After the baby is born all laboring women receive a soothing herbal bath that promotes comfort and
healing, and a fresh baked loaf of bread to enjoy after delivery.


With Space for the Whole Family

The open concept of Goshen Birth Center provides a spacious living area for family members and
friends to relax and wait for the new arrival. Here you will enjoy all the amenities of home including
comfortable furniture, a fireplace, play area for children, and a kitchen and dining area. You can
create an atmosphere that is suited to you and your family's unique needs.

Experience Woman-Centric Care by a Certified Nurse Midwife 

Midwifery care is founded upon the idea that women’s bodies are specially created for pregnancy,
labor, birth, breastfeeding and more. Midwives give one-to-one care that considers the health needs
of mother and baby while respecting your personal circumstances, preferences and values. Research
published in the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health by Stapleton Et. all 2013, shows the
combination of continuous personal support and an out of hospital birth setting, lowers rates of
C-Sections and other medical interventions during labor [ Citation I ]. Midwives at GBC use
complementary and alternative relaxation modalities and techniques for pain management such as
laboring in water, deep breathing, massage, aromatherapy, music, nitrous oxide gas, and
homeopathy. Your baby stays with you from the moment of birth until you leave the birth center,
allowing for the most successful bonding, attachment and breastfeeding. Education and personal
coaching throughout pregnancy prepare you to go home shortly after birth for more rest and
relaxation with your new little one.

Click here for our current list of credentialed Midwife Providers.

Services at Goshen Birth Center

Goshen Birth Center is unique in offering a variety of supplemental services during labor and delivery like
homeopathy and essential oil aromatherapy. For our complete list of services, please click the link below.

Insurance and Payment Options

Many insurance companies cover the use of Goshen Birth Center and we continue to add more, so check with us to see if your insurance company is in-network. If your insurance company is out-of-network, Goshen Birth Center can still be an affordable option. For families not choosing to use insurance or without insurance will receive a generous self-pay discount. For more information about our pricing and to receive an estimate for what you can expect to pay, please call our financial counselor for assistance at 574-971-4840 ext 2.

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Breastfeeding Support Services

Our nurse-midwives, registered nurses and lactation consultants are committed to help you and baby get breastfeeding off to the best start possible. We provide a prenatal class devoted to
breastfeeding taught by a certified lactation consultant. One-on-one support at the birth center is provided by your certified nurse-midwife and registered nurse at your home visits. An additional
breastfeeding home visit may be requested by each family living within 50 miles of GBC to be
attended by one of our certified lactation consultants. For more details please call us at
574-971-4840 ext 4.

Download the Goshen Birth Center Brochure or Schedule of Classes for 2020  

Click the PDF link to download a printable copy of the Goshen Birth Center Class Schedules or Brochure

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