The birth center remains open for labor and birth. During this immediate crisis we are not permitting visitors at the center. Only essential hands on active support people will be permitted to enter the birth center. They must be free of symptoms to be permitted entrance to the building.  Please contact the office for questions about scheduled childbirth classes. Thank you for your understanding.  GBC Administration

How Your Birth Experience Here Will Differ from a Hospital Birth

Peacefulness & Privacy

Our birth center is designed to promote privacy and intimacy for each couple.  A small number of care providers and the absence of beeping machines and technology, provide a peaceful space that makes for a more relaxing and memorable birth experience.

Certified Nurse-Midwives

Our certified nurse- midwives will listen to you and respect your wishes providing individualized, specialized care. They will help you feel confident, prepared, supported, and encouraged throughout your prenatal, birth, and postpartum days.

Home Visits

Discharge after 4-6 hours allows you and your baby to rest and recover without interruption in the comfort of your own bed.   You will receive post-partum checks, teaching, and support in your home by a registered nurse on the first and second day after baby is born.   

Family Experience

You decide who and how many family members or friends you want to invite to share your birth experience. You may choose the privacy of just you and your partner, or you may include other family members and friends, including children.​

What Our Moms Say About Waterbirth

"Having a water birth at the Goshen Birth Center was the most amazing experience of my life. Labor and delivery in the warm, soothing water was very relaxing and helped relieve the pain of even the strongest contractions..." 


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